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Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKT) .JK

Source: Investopedia
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Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKT) .JK

What is 'Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKT) .JK'

Indonesia's first stock exchange. Founded in 1912 for the interest of the Dutch East India Company, the Jakarta Stock Exchange was closed during parts of World Wars I and II. When it reopened in 1952, the only exchanged security was the Indonesian government bond. The exchange became inactive from 1956-1977, and despite being reactivated in 1977, trading activity continued to be slow, with only 24 companies listed.

Explaining 'Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKT) .JK'

Regulatory changes between 1988 and 1992 improved trading activity. The Exchange introduced its automatic trading system in 1995 and began to implement remote trading in 2002. In 2007, the Jakarta Stock Exchange merged with the Surabaya Stock Exchange to form the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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