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Pacific Rim

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Last Sourced: 2017-08-01
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Pacific Rim

The Pacific Rim are the lands around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Basin includes the Pacific Rim and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Rim roughly overlaps with the geologic Pacific Ring of Fire.

List of countries on the Pacific Rim

This is a list of countries that are generally considered to be a part of the Pacific Rim, since they lie along the Pacific Ocean.


The Pacific is a hotbed of overseas shipping. The top 10 busiest container ports, with the exception of Dubai's Port of Jebel Ali (9th), are in the Rim nations. They are home to 29 of the world's 50 busiest container shipping ports:


Various intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations focus on the Pacific Rim, including APEC, the East-West Center, Sustainable Pacific Rim Cities and the Institute of Asian Research. In addition, the RIMPAC naval exercises are coordinated by United States Pacific Command.

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