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Rafael Miranda Robredo

Source: Investopedia
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Rafael Miranda Robredo

What is 'Rafael Miranda Robredo'

A former CEO of Spanish electricity company Endesa. Born in Spain in 1949, Roberdo worked for Tudor and Campofrio before joining Endesa in 1987 as a managing director. In 1997 he became Endesa's CEO. In 1998, Spain began deregulation of its electricity sector, and Roberdo had to reinvent the company under changing market conditions.

Explaining 'Rafael Miranda Robredo'

The firm, once fully state-owned under the Instituto Nacional de Industria, became privately owned in 1998. Roberdo helped it expand abroad to Latin America, where electricity demand was growing faster than it was in Spain. Endesa has a dominant market share in Spain, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. It also provides natural gas and renewable energy in Spain.

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