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Volunteer began as 508 Finance ( with the primary purpose of delivering quality economic and financial information to sight impaired individuals on the web. Our site puts accessibility above aesthetics, allowing users who depend on screen readers or other assistive technology to get access to essential financial information.

This isn't easy though, even with our current 14 volunteers. We are always looking for thoughtful, caring individuals to help us with our mission. We are in need of writers and accessibility editors.


Writing volunteers need to have at least as BA in economics or business with a Masters level education preferred, or relevant experience (like a CPA or Financial Planner). We will consider anyone, but please understand that we may choose to turn away individuals who don't have credentials because it is of utmost importance that we keep the content on our site accurate.

Accessibility Editors

Even if you don't have a formal education in a related field, you can still help! Whenever we do not have custom written content, we source data from Wikipedia and other sites on the web. We need your help in editing the content to make it web accessible. We are more than willing to help train you.

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